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October 5, 2005

The Damp Squib Press Conference

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The much anticipated Sun-Google Press Conference (audio link : [High Bandwidth] or [Low Bandwidth]) is over, its a bit of a damp squib, if you ask me.

No anticipated BIG upheaval to the software landscape. The news that the two are cooperating may be important to the shareholders of the two companies, and might raise an eyebrow or two in Microsoft. But that tis just it. It was overhyped, and with such a meagre news to announce, the fall is definitely harder.

Well, it looks an announcement of a piece of business: Google buys SUN hardware and pay an undisclosed sum to SUN in return for the privilege position of making Google Toolbar an “optional download” presented to websufers when they want to download Java Runtime Environment from SUN. Nothing exciting here.

As for the promise of collaboration on I will prefers to wait-and-see. No announcement can excite me until I see concrete results, especially when the announcement sounds like it is only a MAYBE Google involvement in

BBC commented that the announcement fell short of Google announcing it is going to offer as a web service or download. I actually thought it is a blessing that they did not announce this. Although in a previous post I am impressed with 2.0, any announcement of this magnitude will see people flocking to download 1.x, something that is not as market-ready as 2.0. This might actually kill interest in the much superior 2.0.


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