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October 17, 2005

MS Response to Massachusett’s ODF issue

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Finally we have a response from Microsoft. It is from Alan Yates (the person who wrote the long comments to Massachusett on behalf of Microsoft).

It is a pity it was not on official stationery, but rather through a third party blog (David Berlind’s blog on ZDNet). Its a pity because David Berlind, as the author of the blog, exercised his rights to comment on the blog, giving us a “filtered” view of Mr Yate’s response. Please do not blame Mr Berlind for that, its not his fault. Mr Berlind cannot post Mr Yate’s correspondence on his blog as it is private conversation. Therefore, his hand is tied and have to post the whole affair as a commentary. Moreover, given Mr Berlind’s previous records on journalism, I will say that he is one of the few on ZDNet who is relatively neutral on most topics. He definitely give everyone a fair hearing, and most importantly, report the facts as they are. If you want to blame anyone, blame Alan Yates. He is the one who choose not to release it on official stationery.

I had always said that Microsoft should presents its side of the story, if only as a record for historians to judge the matter.


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