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December 8, 2005

Pick-and-mix Windows?

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This is one of the few occassion when I agree with Mr Carroll: South Korean FTC did not go far enough.

Taking his car analogy, consumer choose the final paint colour and most of the time can choose which radio/CD/DVD players they want. Car manufacturer, who today is more-or-less a system integrater, get to choose how to build the engines and who to source engine parts from. Isn’ that great? Why cann’t we see this in software?

South Korean FTC and European Union effectively want consumer choice. Obviously, end users are customer and they get to choose additional softwares that they need (paint and radio). System Integraters behave more like car manufacturers, and both are consumers. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to compete by integrating different products from different vendor, like car manufacturer? Do I really need the WiFi software to be installed on my computer given that I do not have a WiFi card? Is there any technical reasons why I cannot find a system integrater willing and is able to strip this function away from my computer, if I can only afford a small hard disk?

EU, KFTC take notes, you INDEED did not go far enough. Open up the market, allow vendors/developers to compete.


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