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February 23, 2006

Eight different versions of Window Vista?

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There is a piece of news on the net saying that Microsoft plans to release not one, not two but eight different versions of Vista, its next generation operating system.

This, as far as I can see, is a big operating system management nightmare in the making. With XP Home and XP Professional, we already see confusion. At work, we have to ensure different research group buys the correct copy of XP (XP Professional). With eight different versions, our nightmare just increased four folds.

I am sure as far as Microsoft’s business plans is concern, it make sense to provide multiple versions of the same thing, each targetting different pocket size. Technically, it is difficult to maintain  eight separate versions. If it is Microsoft’s intention to allow customization of Vista to suit individual needs, why not throw everything into a bin and allow OEMs others to pick-and-mix the software they want. Of course, the pick-and-mix system used by Linux is a good candidate, but might not be suitable for Microsoft for various (technically) legitimate reasons. May be it should take a leaf out from how Matlab is distributed: A core software platform, with extensions (Toolboxes in Matlab speak) that can be purchased separately.



  1. […] CTrambler is pretty clear in his dismay at Microsoft’s apparent decision to release eight versions of the upcoming Windows Vista operating system. If true, this could be terrible news for developers and users alike. Depending on how different the eight versions of Windows are, it could well be possible that different versions of applications would also need to be released to cater to the different capabilities. Instructions and howto’s might also only apply to some of the versions. Of course this hasn’t quite happened with XP home and professional but the variation amongst the eight different versions is likely to be more pronounced. […]

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  2. Cool.. the pingback feature rulez!
    Just have to link to any of your blogs, and it appears here as a pingback – don’t even have to use trackbacks. 😉

    Comment by karipuf — February 24, 2006 @ 3:02 am | Reply

  3. […] As mentioned in a previous post, what a management nightmare! Look at the problem the IT department will be facing: […]

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