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March 20, 2006

Interesting FUD from …. Microsoft Malaysia

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LinuxToday have this really great analysis of FUD from Microsoft. This time, from MS branch in my home country Malaysia. Go to LinuxToday for the full analysis, but the most important thing to note is:

In the late 1990’s, the company opted to install OpenOffice …” — from the FUD article

The problem is, as Mr Proffitt points out, is that is only available circa 2000!

The article has so many inaccurate information in it.

One might think that since the MS FUD article was last updated in May 2004, to evaluate it, one must go down the memory lane and look at the state of at the time. However, that does not seems to be necessary. Timeline are historical fact and remain the same whatever time you look at it. My trip down memory lane suggest to me that has been usesable since 2003, although the “wow” factor only kicks in with 2.0. The reason why the company is experiencing problems, as Mr Proffitt points out, and I agree, that it is using a late 1990 version of StarOffice, or an extremely early version of Even if I give them this benefit-of-doubt, lets not forget that at the time, around 2000, StarOffice/ was one of the better converter programs for MSOffice documents.
The article is so full with inaccuracy that if this reflects the “Malaysia Boleh” (Malaysia can) spirit, Mahathir (ex-Prime Minister) will be fuming BIG!
And by the way, I haven’t heard of or seen the Jukebox company store before. May be the shops are trading under a different name. Can someone in Malaysia point me to a few stores, in Klang Valley if possible?


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  1. Good question. WTF are these “Jukebox” chaps? Is Microsoft’s marketing operation so pathetic that they have to resort to “case studies” from make-belief companies? 😉

    Comment by karipuf — March 21, 2006 @ 5:14 pm | Reply

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