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May 19, 2006

[John Carroll] What if Microsoft was truly evil

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John Carroll, a self-confessed Microsoft lover published a blog titled "What if Microsoft was truly evil" in which he fantasize that it would be a heaven for alternative operating system vendors if the Microsoft 1994 consent degree preventing it from charging a "Microsoft Tax" on non-microsoft PC did not happens and this eventually leads to a truly restrictive Microsoft environment. He did it on the grounds that if Microsoft can charge $10,000 per copy, people will be flocking to alternatives.

What a fantasy! Let's inject some reality into it. To be able to charge $10,000 per copy, Mirosoft must have a stranglehold on everything that computes. We will not be looking at scenario where OEM cannot ship computers without Microsoft in it, but hardware lock-in that refuses to run anything except Microsoft-authorized software. Any person attempting to even sniff at creating anything that Microsoft do not like will see their Microsoft license yanked. Linux will be dead in the water because Linus cannot legally write it on his "Microsoft" computer. Even if Linus "pirates" his computer, Microsoft will set pressure on his university citing fears that Linus will contaminate their computer system which they absolutely cannot live without. Linus will have to choose between a degree or total oblivion coz Microsoft will threaten his employer/future employer etc. SAMBA team will not had existed as there is no need for it (No Unix, no alternative implementation to Microsoft.)

In short, no alternative will be available. Microsoft sees to it. Worst , it is all "within the basic constraints of property rights" as Carroll will like to champion. Nevermind it probably trample on several anti-trust and unfair competition laws. Hang on… wouldn't Microsoft force governments to change these troublesome competition laws already?


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