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June 5, 2006

Prediction on the number of Windows Programmer vs Linux Programmers

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I always have Monday morning blues, especially today when I have to get up early to ensure a parcel is collected at work. The song "Maniac Monday" is playing inside my brain until Brian Profitt's LinuxToday Editorial, citing Scott Handy, Vice President of Worldwide Linux Strategy at IBM, saying that Handy saw a report "Spring 2006 North American Developer's Survey" from Evans Data that predicts that in 6 months time, in North America at least, you will find an equal number of people working on Linux and Windows Platform.

This is an exciting news and an important milestone for Linux, kinda like a coming-of-age thing. It is like one's 18th birthday when in the eye of the law at least, you are treated as an adult.

Having said that, one cannot help but find that the data did not say the number of people skilled in only Linux and Windows Platform. Since Linux is the one playing catching up, it is likely that the steady gain for Linux is an increase in Windows developers learning Linux. This, while is a good sign for Linux, means an concerted effort by Redmond might tip the balance back in its favour. If anyone is capable of such a campaign, Redmond is. Most company will find that their pocket is not as strong as their willpower. No such problem for Redmond. Only need to use fair and square techniques needed.

With adulthood comes responsibility. For Linux, I think I see the big red circle painted on that penguin and hunters taking aim for the cull!


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