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June 8, 2006

Oh dear, another anti-piracy attempt hurting legitimate users

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Why does anti-piracy move by software companies seems to be better at inconviencinng/huring legitimate users rather than stopping piracy?

Latest snafu is from Microsoft Genuine Advantage. It phones home EVERYDAY. Period. It has so far failed to tell you it phone home. Period. Does it stop piracy? Not a bit as far as everyone can tell.

In the same way Apple's iTune Music Service can be accused of being unfair for forcing you to accept a reduction in the number of devices that can share your existing songsfrom 10 devices to 7 devices as you upgrade your iTunes, forcing consumer to install Genunie Advantage or receive no update from Microsoft for post sales is unfair.

All in all, legitimate users worse off, pirates are still laughing all the way to the bank. Making us legit user think whether we are a fool for getting a genuine copy.


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  1. […] Microsoft responded to the growing controversy about Windows Genuine (Dis)Advantage (WGA) phoning home every day. I blog a little about it in a previous post. In this post, I want to discuss about whether is a spyware. […]

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