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June 27, 2006

Adobe vs Microsoft: Is Microsoft crying wolf?

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Legal Technology publish an article claiming that EU have not received any complains from Adobe over the PDF saga. Nothing revealing about that article except that it more-or-less comfirm that EU's concern about XPS ("The letter [that EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes wrote to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in March about Windows Vista] highlighted several functions now available separately — such as software that would create fixed-document formats [e.g. XPS] comparable to Adobe's PDF…") is the more likely cause for Microsoft dropping XPS support in Office, rather than on Adobe's request alone. 

It is more and more likely that Microsoft is crying wolf about a lawsuite. Adobe's official response is that it has not rule out lawsuite. There is a possibility of lawsuit in anything we do. It would be stupid for Adobe to rule out lawsuite, expecially if this is Microsoft's ploy to entrap Adobe into waiving its rights to legal recourse.


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  1. […] The Adobe is an update of what I call “Is Microsoft Crying Wolf?“. John Carroll is and should be happy that critics like me is proved wrong. For my defence, I did believe that there is something happenning as Microsoft was forced to make amendment to Office 2007, but was not sure whether it is going developed to be an antitrust complains. My feeling at that time is Microsoft is trying to stop the complains right in its track by creaing a big fuss in userland, astroturfing if necessary, but failed … miserably. […]

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