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July 6, 2006

Apple’s Dashboard phone home not once, three times a day!

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According to an article on InformationWeek, a blogger discovers that Apple computers phone home not once, but three times a day!

More precisely, it is the “Dashboard Advisory” application that phone back. Apple confirmed this but says it phone home confirm that “third parties” widgets are uptodate.

I cannot see a need for calling home three times daily. If the aim is to keep software uptodate, surely phoning home everytime the widget is used suffice. Even worse, the purpose is to check whether “third party” widgets is uptodate. Why does Apple cares whether my “third party” widget is up to date. If Apple wishs to provide a service to me to ensure my “third party” widgets are up to date, surely Apple can give me control over whether I want to useĀ  this service, and if so, how frequently do I want to check for updates.

WAKE UP Apple, three times daily is not only a ricdiculous frequency, its offensive.

This “phone home” thing is virtually a direct copy of Windows Genuine (Dis)Advantage, sharing virtually all traits of the latter which I find deceitful and classify them as spyware.

At least Microsoft offers to reduce the frequency of calling home. Apple is totally unrepentent.


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