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July 11, 2006

Please ship Vista and Office on time …

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I thought Malaysians are the worst bunch of people when it comes to keeping time. You tell them to meet up at 1600, they will arrive at 1700 and when you ask them why they are late, they give you the puzzle look as to them, they are “on time”.  Based on this, I think Microsoft has become a Malaysian company.

Date slip, feature trim, date slip and now it looks like Microsoft is unsure whether it can keep its December timetable for Office and January timetable for Windows Vista. Come on Microsoft, this is getting ricdiculous. I frankly do not care what problems you have, just ship it on time. Do you know how many IT people you inconveniented by slipping ship dates? Not to mention retailers losing out on sales. At least if you ship on time, retailers can still salvage something from you missing the Christmas season. It is going to be difficult, very difficult to persuade consumer to spent this Christmas if you slip another month.

Ballmer promise a blockbuster release. It better be. So far, unless you are in a Windows cocoon and willing to swallow whatever Redmond feeds you, Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 does not looks like any “Blockbuster”. However, we  people who live and drink IT will settle for a close to UNIX stability quality and fewer blockbusters for malware writers.


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  1. ahahhhahah… Microsoft Malaysian company?? good one 😉

    Comment by karipuf — July 17, 2006 @ 2:32 pm | Reply

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