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July 20, 2006

Microsoft let Google into Vista

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Its official, Microsoft will “volunteeringly” let manufacturers set the default search engine on Vista.

Setting search engines on Vista? I must declare first that I have not downloaded the Vista Beta yet, but there is two ways I can see where this decision by Microsoft has impact: Desktop search and IE7. IE7 will be no big deal. Desktop search can be a big deal as Google and other search engines can be integrated into Explorer and other places where Microsoft put its search engines on.

While semantically correct, I wonder how much this decision is driven by the “volunteer” spirit or to starve off potential antitrust complains. To me, to “volunteer” means put something into the original design, not redesigning after receiving complaints, strong complains for that matter. Anyone still remember Google’s objection to IE7?

This triggers a thought about operating systems: Should there be a mandate that it must be open. With “Open” I do not mean “Open Source” nor “Open Standard”, but to provide a set of API for everyone to plug their product in without favouring any one vendor. After all, operating systems are application enabler. Beyond basic plumbing such as internal and external communications and resource management, everything else are application in my view. Thus Explorer/command line console are applications, CD burning and Audio programs are definitely applications. As enabler, operating systems should permits swapping one out with another, should the users or manufacturers wants to do it. I am not saying that this ability to swap things out can be done easily, but just saying operating systems vendor must reduce the required work (for third parties) as much as possible.


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