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September 4, 2006

Don’t forget to budget for ….eh… software?

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Interesting news item in the Star Malaysia telling Malaysian companies not to forget about software licensing when planning their budget for 2007. I can understand it because it is easy to get pirated software, but find it surprising that a major newspaper find it necessary to use such a provocative title.

Mistery solved when you read the last sentence of the article. It is written by Business Software Alliance. It is obviously written to publicise BSA sponsorred (and Government-supported) anti-piracy “Education” Campaign (Ops Tulen – literally translated as “Genuine” operation). BSA will be carrying out “Free Advice” Licensing Consultation Roadshow (Their quotation, not mine. Ironic isn’t it?) starting from Sept 6.

The fact that the newspaper finds it necessary to label the article as “contribution from BSA” leads one to ask why the paper decided to carry this article when it is obviously a bit uneasy about it? It looks like,… you get it … a business decision as the paper is running a poll on behalf of BSA. The rules of the poll sounds harsh, such as “All prizes must be collected from the location (in Kuala Lumpur/Selangor) provided … No request for mailing of prizes will be entertained.” considering the fact that the paper has nationwide offices.

As for the prizes? Its rather rubbish and insulting. Adode Acrobat Standard? Not much use at present as the number of “fillable” PDF is low and I can create PDF from Microsoft is even more stingy by offering Windows Home Edition and not XP. The most attractive price is actually the consolation prize: keyboard. At least it is something that is that you have to “keep an uptodate record of” according to BSA. 😉


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