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September 12, 2006

MS PR (+FUD?) campaign against European Commission

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MS is trying to win hearts and minds against European Commission. Underneath the whole facade it looks like Microsoft is rattled about something and that thing has something to do with antitrust legislation. The first salvo, covered in the previous post, is about European Parliament members asking the commission not to “cause” Vista launch in Europe to be delayed, and now MS is playing the security scare-mongling by implying the commission will force it to remove important security feature.

Bottom-line is this: if a practice is illegal/immoral/unethical, it needs to be modified to go back to the straight and narrow. I cannot see EC voicing objection to “important security feature” unless it believe MS is trying to leverage its monopolistic abuse. Any feature, “important” or not, can be rejigged and reimplemented, after all, we are talking software.

May be more salvo coming from Microsoft. Unfortunately, EC is likely to follows its own ethical guideline that forbids it to discuss ongoing antitrust investigation. This is a crucial guideline as it gives all parties, the party under investigation in particular, the confidence to discuss frankly with the commission. Microsoft is indeed exploiting EC self-imposed silence. Shame on them. This is of course, an example of unethical practice. Oh no, I think I get it wrong here. Like HP, it is not Microsoft’s being unethical, it  is Microsoft contractor for PR!


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