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September 18, 2006

Give Microsoft a break…

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When I saw this CNet article about a Microsoft sponsored IDC study that says that Vista will create XXX jobs and YYY revenue in Europe, I know it is a matter of time, not if, someone will post a reply lamblasting Microsoft for “twisting the fact”.

Sure enough, we see this one. I am not really sure that all the points he raised are valid. However, it is certainly true that there are a lot of holes in this report. One enormous one the unrelaistic projected near-death of Windows XP/NT/2000 in year 2009 (Figure 1, page 3). It is a paid-for report, something not known for its objectivity. A few CEO may be misleaded initially, but CIO worth his salt will correct the CEO quickly. Moreover, when evaluating whether to join the Windows Vista crowd, CEO will have to look at the specifics of its own company rather than just quote any report from any vendor. If he do, he will be a laughing stock of his peer.

All the big 7/8 digits number probably just simply reflects the ubiquitous of the Windows.

Nothing new. Same old PR exercise. Everyone does this. Let’s move on.

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