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September 20, 2006

EC’s concerns about Vista security is not unfounded

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First, Neelie Kroes calls the recent flood of anti-EC campaigning from Microsoft and its allies (discussed here) exactly what it is in a letter to Financial Times: a “coordinated campaign” to discredit the commission. The European Commission normally do not comment on existing antitrust investigation and I am sure Microsoft is counting on it for a loopsided campaign. I am also sure that Microsoft knows that the EC is likely to response by means of a letter-to-editor at an influencial newspaper (which nobody reads normally). To have FT writing up Ms Kroes response as an article is something that certainly catch it by suprise. A lot of the campaigning dollars just went up in smoke.

Specificly, Microsoft is trying to play the “security” card, indirectly accused the EC of attempting degrading the security of computers. Details has been sketchy, but Symantec has just shed some light on it in this CNET article. Hence, my point is that if EC has concerns about the way security is delivered, it is not unfounded. It is possible that if EC gets its way, in the short term, security of computers is not as tight as it can be. I need to stress that this is only in the short term. In the long term, stronger competition in security software will means much better security for everyone.

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