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September 21, 2006

DRM might just as well go strangle themselves

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Thinks that Apple iTunes ever changing DRM policy is against your interest? Try Microsoft’s DRM then. Both are increasingly taking away rights from users.

DRMs are relatively new, so the problem of not able to play your music when you changies devices for most is still a distance thing. It is not that we are not seeing right now, in fact, reports are slowly trickling in now. In a few years time, we will see a rebellion against it. The only question is, when the rebel alliance strike, does the DRM vendors has enough clout to surpress this rebellion?

What we are seeing now is an attempt to strike a new equilibrium between fair use and copyright interest of the content providers. DRM is just a a tool to twist the balance here and there. So far, we see a slow tigthening of the screw on fair use. DRM will loosen the screw when enough customers rebels.

The sad truth there is that no technological measure can wipe out infringing use at all. If consumers want to circumvent DRM, there will be vendors who are willing to sell them the ways to do it. Take for example DVD’s region code system. In a lot of countries now it has to be disabled before customer will buy it. The internet is full of instructions on how to disable the region codes.

DRM does not hit out at, nor prevent, infringing use at all. It is simply a barrier between the content providers and their legit customers and give the latter more problems while maintaining content providers’ illusion of control.
DRM is an Emperor with no cloths. The sooner content providers realise this, the less they alienate their customers.


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