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September 27, 2006

IBM’s new Patent policy

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IBM is “taking the lead” with its new Patent policy, as explained by Andy Updegrove here. While its effort is welcomed, lets not forget this is not the first time IBM is taking the lead. The first time it did, it use patents to earn money and can thus be said to be the precursor of this mess. Glad it is taking effort to sort this out, after it too decided it have suffered from the abuse of the patent system, and that the beast it nurtured comes back and haunt its parents as well.

It is, however, also necessary to give IBM credits when it decides to change direction, it did it fast with conviction, like a rhino. The other 1000 pound aminal in  the room, Microsoft, looks more like a clumsy elephant. It too has been on the receiving end of patent abuse. However, while calling for reform, it also threaten to abuse its patent portfolio as well.


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