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October 5, 2006

Microsoft Vista Security Measures

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As with any thing coming out from every companies, Vista security measures are a result of “customer demands”. In this case particularly, customers wants to know that the software they paid money for is not counterfeit. That is true, and it is great that I can check that my software is genuine with the Microsoft. However, I don’t think many customers wants to have any of Vista functionalities “reduced” as a result of accidentally buying counterfeit software. What they want is a way of going back to their suppliers and demand them to give them genuine software or else…. Any reduced/diablement of software will make them feel that Microsoft is penalizing the victims here. Reduction/disabling softwares are not “customer demands”, but Microsoft’s demands on them to protect its interest.

That is not to say that using reduction/disabling of software as anti-piracy measures only benefits Microsoft. Legit customers will, in the long run, can benefits from lower piracy rate.  Fighting piracy cost money and this translate into higher cost for Microsoft. Microsoft will, by necessity and by one way or another, pass this down to its legit customers.

Being a operating system, a fundamental part of any computers, any changes in Vista will have severe impact on the computers useability. Microsoft have the right to stop you from using Vista altogether if your copy of Vista is not legit,  and you must count your blessing and thank Microsoft for permitting you to use Vista  and not shut you down completely, assuming you got a pirated copy of Vista.

On the other hand, you will be furious if you purchase a legal copy of Vista and Microsoft incorrectly determined that your copy is illegitimate. False positive will always happens. Hence, by imposing anti-piracy measure, Microsoft imposed on itself, as a duty to its legit customer,  to reduce this to as low as possible.

One interesting claim by Microsoft is that the measure in Vista “protect customers from software tampering”. Anti-piracy measures does not do that, but some form of checking the software itself, e.g., by generating and comparing checksums, will. This is of course part of the anti-piracy measure because any anti-piracy measure worth its salt must check that it itself is not circumvented. Whether this translated to protection from software tampering has yet to be seen. Anti-piracy and anti-tampering have a lot in common, but they are still two separate measures.


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