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October 13, 2006

Sargent’s arguement for Open Maths Markup Languange is less than convincing

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Murray Sargent reignite the fire about Open Maths Markup Language versus MathML. While I know from a start that Open XML is fixated on presentation, his arguement for it is less than convincing. Virtually everything in his post are simply general statements.

His defence of the lack of “embellished fence” just show quite narrow minded Open Maths Markup Language is. He says this is a feature not widely used and points to physics book and maths book as his alibi. However, in the digital world we can have a digital physics and maths book that allows you to manipulate equations, changing its parameters and see how it affects the output, e.g., graph in maths or water tank level in control engineering. In this case, MathML wins hands down.

We need to get away from document as a presentation of information in the digital age. This constrains is unnecessary and simply shakle us. Digital books must be able to exhange information with others and can make difficult subjects like science more interesting with the use of animated examples and user interaction. Open Maths Markup Language lose this beauty pageant compared with MathML.

His last arguement, demonstrated by an example, that Open Maths Markup Language is the shorter one in the example is laughable. It is not the length that matters, but what is encapsulated.


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