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October 13, 2006

Vista Licensing Hell

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Microsoft had attached a lot of restriction to different versions of Vista, as detailed here, here and and directly from the lion’s mouth here. Majority of Vista customers, especially home users, will not notice the change here. However, anyone with a bit of interest in playing around with their computers are likely to get hurt by the restrictions. Business users will be bitten hard as everyone struggles to manage the licensing hell.
Being an open source person myself I see most of the restrictions as artificial. They are there to create a business case and are overwelmingly not based on technical needs. Some of the measures, such as limiting transfer of license from one computer to another to once only (“transfer-once license”), sounds to me like measures to decrease false-positive of Windows Genuine (Dis)Advantage and other anti-piracy measures. This is a “technical need” but is being approached the wrong way: Rather than improving the anti-piracy measures, you build wall and moot around it to protect it. This is done at the expense of customers.

I am particularly worry with the transfer-once only license for Windows Home Edition. If true, computer hobbyists can no longer tinker with their computer. We all start up as novices, buying our first computer on someone else advice and Windows Home Edition is normally the one we get. My fear is a lot of computer hobbyists will get caught out unexpectedly when they start tinkering with the hardware. Some will switch to other operating system offering such as Linux and Open Solaris, but a lot will simply give up. The computing industry need hobbyists to generate interest in the industry and create the next generation of computing professionals. By discouraging tinkering with hardware, MS just made computing less interesting to the public.


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  1. Hi

    I absolutely agree.

    No one made the comment because they still do not start to use Vista.

    Vista kills Microsoft. Misrosoft kills us.


    Comment by Ming — August 10, 2007 @ 3:40 am | Reply

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