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October 25, 2006

Microsoft releases Sender ID

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Microsoft may be a 800 pound gorrilla, but this gorrilla had demonstrated more than once that it will adapt, which is more than what I can say for a lot of gorrillas.

Latest turn is about SenderID, the proposal for enhancing the email system that was rejected by IETF a while ago. Before it was rejected, there was a lot of discussion on the net, and the main objection was that it is necessary for all vendors to sign a contract with Microsoft.  That requirement, even at that time, seems to be a daft one. The change of wind at Microsoft after that event affected Microsoft stand on SenderID, as it is now addressing the issue by making that requirement goes away.

The next step for Microsoft is perhaps to examine the question: Does changes have to be so painful? In other words, is it necessary for all these fuss before the change kick in? No easy answer here.  Things that make sense in technology and standard might not make sense in business. The whole SenderID incident may be necessary in business sense, i.e., an attempt to give Microsoft maximum leverage.


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