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November 10, 2006

RedHat is maturing

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“First, they ignore you, then they fight you, after which, they learn to live with you”

Sounds familiar? This is said to be the “path to success” for any thing, software, business or otherwise. Starting from 1990s where a Unix vendor famously replied “What Linux?” when asked about how Linux affects its businesses, Ballmer’s speech in the recent Microsoft-Novell deal can be said  to be the confirmation that the “fight you” stage between Microsoft and Linux is almost over and Microsoft conceded that it is starting the “live with you” stage.

And the implication for RedHat?

Having to take two shots, one from Oracle where the latter repackage its offering, and another from Microsoft/Novell as mentioned above, confirms that RedHat is the bull’s eye for big corporation, thus graduating them from “ignore you” stage to “fight you” stage.

Using such logic I have to congratulate RedHat for a new milestone in its life. So far, the fight is just heating up but RedHat’s reaction to date has been admirable and ethically correct, even though its competitors did not.


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