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November 15, 2006

Microsoft News

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Wow… several news on the Microsoft front. Almost all from Mary Jo Foley’s blog on ZDNet:

  1. Zune does not work on Vista. A surprise, but don’t forget Microsoft still have approximately two and a half month before this begins to matter as consumer version of Vistas (the versions that counts) is on sale. Still, it is a PR disaster for Vista. Let’s hope for Microsoft sake it does not turn into a real problem for Vista users. If Zune is to rival Apple, it must deliver the consumer experience that is at least equal to that of Apple.
  2. PowerShell does not work on Vista either. Power Windows users will be disappointed. PowerShell looks like a gigantic update to Windows Scripting ability and probably a must for Windows to be able to rival Linux and Unix-like system in terms of useability at an advanced level.
  3. The most serious news for Microsoft is it has until Thanks Giving Day (just slightly less than two hands full) to comply with EU directive to share interoperability information. Now, either Microsoft already have all the information nearly ready for hand over, or it is going to flunk the deadline.
  4. When I first heard of Microsoft’s “Interoperability Alliance”, I dismiss it as another talking shop. I did not put this and EU’s interoperability directive together. Not even when news emerged that the alliance is missing big names as I told myself that it will be a miracle if Microsoft manage to recruit everyone in that Alliance. Only when Mary Jo blog about it, I realized it can be a weapon against EC in its appeal. EC might not like it, but the judges may buy it. At least, this means EC have a higher fence to climb to win over the judges.
  5. Microsoft’s Matusow put his hand in the air and admitted their not-suing-hobbyist covenant is not up-to-scratch. Apparently people from Novell told them, but was it before or after the announcement. He said it missed the mark. I said it achieved its objective, since Microsoft stance is that it is not going to allow the patent covenant to cover commercial activity but rather wants to negotiate cover for commercial activity on a per-instance basis. Their, and Novell’s, mistake is to misrepresent it for what it isn’t.

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