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November 23, 2006

The consequence of Sony Rootkit scandal

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Remember a while ago where Sony’s implementation of Digital Restriction Management causes security problems on users’ computer? We are seeing a longer lasting consequence of it right now in the form of an proposed exemption on DCMA which states:

6. Sound recordings, and audiovisual works associated with those sound recordings, distributed in compact disc format and protected by technological protection measures that control access to lawfully purchased works and create or exploit security flaws or vulnerabilities that compromise the security of personal computers, when circumvention is accomplished solely for the purpose of good faith testing, investigating, or correcting such security flaws or vulnerabilities.

To me, it is a good start but not really good enough. Why restrict circumvension only for compact disk format and not any DRM measure (software) that can cause security problems? The root of the problem is software, not CD. And how about audio-visual work for which the equipment to play had malfunctioned, damaged or obsolete. This is important because the Copyright Office allows digital restriction management computer programs whose doogle had malfunction, damaged or obsolete to be circumvented. Reading the text suggest that exclusion of audiovisual work is intentional. Furthermore, as the Copyright Office decided not to give exemption to “DVD that cannot be viewed on Linux Operating System” confirm this in its recommendation text kinda confirm this.


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