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November 27, 2006

Good news for song lovers,…, but not Cliff Richard

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Finally, some piece of good news on the copyright front: An independent review by the Treasury is going to recommend against British Phonographic Industry request to extend copyright for sound recording. Cliff Richard, one of the campaigner for the extension, is going to be one of its most prominent victim now.

Copyright, patents and other so-called “Intellectual Property” is simply a contract between the community at large with individuals where individual is given limitted rights about the fruit of their endeaver. For once, we see the government deciding to enforce the contract rather than extending the rights of the individual.

Neil McCormack, a music journalist believe this is not good:

“[An artist] can make a record in 1955 and have been getting royalties… been living on that and suddenly they’re gone”

I appreciate why he says it is “suddenly”, however, I disagree as the artist knows for a long time running that royalties are going to cease one day. That’s the essence of the meaning of “limitted rights” in copyright. Furthermore, if a person can be evicted from his house because his leasehold expires, why shouldn’t royalties dried up for artists? In both case, if anybody failed to prepare for it, that’s his fault.


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