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December 5, 2006

ODF in Massachusett

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If I were to write a short blurb: Interesting and perhaps not looking good

The not-looking-good news is the appointment of an anti-ODF lobbyist to the Technology Advisory Group. Appointment of new person to advisory group is something that is very common in politics and the appointment is part of the reshuffle you will expect with a new governer. However, it is still the case that the enemy got more ammo to shoot at you now.

The interesting part is the account by Silwa of ComputerWorld of the lobbying effort of Microsoft to derail the ODF policy in Massachusett, based on hundred of emails obtained from the State government. If anyone have any doubts that Louis Gutierrez, the CIO of Massachusetts who had recently resigned is serious about ODF, this account will erase your doubt once and for all.

Ms Silwa account of the whole affair, from the adoption of ETRM, to the abandonment of the amendment to pressure Mr Gutierrez is an eye-openner in the working of politics. The most interesting is of course the aforementioned article.There are two sister articles. The one on dropping Microsoft’s format in ETRM is perhaps the best confirmation of what happened during the early days.  The other on the people doing the lobbying shows how partial lobbying effort can be, and the length lobbyist goes to to “support”their arguement. When you read it, please note that although the account is about Microsoft lobbying, the other side do lobbying as well and do it equally good. Otherwise, everyone will buckle under such organized lobbying. I will.


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