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January 17, 2007

Steve Job: “Nobody use Java anymore…”

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Of course, I designed the headline to shock. To put in context, Job is said to have said this when asked to comment on whether Java will be on Apple’s iPhone. He meant Java is dead on the mobile phone platform. Ed Burnnette finds it necessary to lecture Job about the advantages of supporting Java on iPhone. I myself do not find it necessary. As Burnnette pointed out, Job intend iPhone to be a closed platform. Thou shalt not install anything not approved by Steve Job on thou’s iPhone. Period. There is all the reason in the world to think that iPhone would go the way of the iPod: Nobody can touch the iPod’s innerds except Apple, but feel free to fight for the other scraps (iPod accessaries market) that Apple throws out.

Steve Job is not going to open up the iPhone to third party, hence, there is no need for Java. He picks the programming team(s) to work with, and can therefore control every single aspect of the software development on the iPhone. The advantages of Java quoted by Burnnette is useful if it is an open platform, which requires a different management strategy from a closed, tightly controlled platform.

In short, Job believe that Java has no place in his iPhone. And “Nobody use Java anymore” comments needs to be qualified. He probably meant “Nobody use Java anymore for a closed mobile phone platform”.


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