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February 27, 2007

Road bump for Oracle Linux

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IBM throw a speed bump on Oracle Unbreakable Linux route. According to, IBM is refusing to certify that its software works on Oracle Linux. IBM has always certified that its applications works on Red Hat Linux.

I see this as independent confirmation of what Red Hat had claimed after Oracle’s announcement of Oracle Linux, which is Oracle Linux is effectively a derivative of Red Hat Linux. However loud Oracle would like to say it Linux is a clone of Red Hat Linux, just better and cheaper, IBM’s move shows that the techonogically savvy people do not believe Oracle.

Its a big speed bump. Businesses mostly do not want to run their applications on uncertified/unsupported Linux variant for business/technological reasons. Since the cost of acquiring business software far outweights the cost of operating system support, Oracle will have problems convincing business partners to switch… and the Linux operating system market for individuals and hobbyists is simply non-existant.

Non-certification of Oracle Linux means if there is any problem with IBM software running on top of it, Oracle is the person you have to rely on to fix it. Can Oracle does it? Theoretically, it simply has to undo the “improvement” it does to Red Hat Linux and viola, problems solved. But what does Oracle do to calm potential customers’ nerves? It declines to comments. As the article points out, perhaps sarcastically, both IBM and Oracle is taking the “safe approach”.


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