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March 1, 2007

OOXML fast track: Worse than Microsoft expects, but not that bad

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OOXML progress through ISO is never going to be a smooth ride. The initial phase where national body votes to allow/disallow it to be fast-tracked is over. The results is in, digested and at time of writing, about to be made public.

Andy Updegrove first reports that 20 nations responsed in this phase. The significance of this, as highlighted by Rob Weir, is that so many countries had chosen to response. The biggest hint that things are not in order for OOXML proposer (ECMA) is the ISO committee incharge decided to not to publish these responses immediately as in the norm, but to wait until ECMA prepare their response to it and to publish both side-by-side.

Updegrove follow up on this topics shows that a lot of these responses are rather negative. In this voting process, the P-countries counts more (see Weir’s blog for more information). With exception of Sweden being a O-country, there are 13 negative response from P-countries. This is bad news number 1. Bad news number 2 is it appears that a few countries had look at the proposal, and then officially voiced their concerns along the line OOXML detractors had been voicing in public so far. These lends credibility to claims by these detractors. (Aside: since IBM has been the biggest voice in this camp, this probably explains Microsoft’s love letter to IBM) The good news is, from Updegrove’s summary, only three of these P-countries had decided to vote against, meaning there are room for progress/lobbying by ECMA.

Cannot wait to see what the actual response received and ECMA response.


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