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March 13, 2007

Hmm…Why is Brian Jone rather silent on the results of National Body Ballot

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One of Microsoft’s biggest blogger on OOXML is of course Brian Jones. However, I am really curious. Since the news break that ISO National Bodies comments are in, to the latest news from Eric Lai that ISO is approving the fast track process, we did not hear a single word on his blog about how the voting goes. In fact, the only sound bite on the results of the voting comes in a short quote to a journalist covering the topic that is not even worth me searching for the link for you.

One would had thought that the actual voting results from National Bodies is an interesting and important news for OOXML. The higher than usual number of comments received by ISO is also interesting and I would really like to see Microsoft’s point of view on this. But Brian Jone haven’t said a word about it. What a pity!

I agree with Andy Updegrove that the approval is was never in any doubt. Eric Lai is also correct that absence the word “against” in  the National Bodies comments, ISO has to take the vote as “abstain”, and by this standard, OOXML does meet the criteria for fast track, despite what Groklaw has to say.

I believe we might be seeing Brian Jone posting a blog post when it is officially confirmed that ISO had approved the fast track process. If I see this post appearing, I will be really disaapointed by Brian Jones. He should had reported the progress of OOXML through ISO fair and square, not only reporting the good news.


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  1. […] under: Uncategorized — ctrambler @ 2:15 pm I blogged before that I will be disappointed if Brian Jones announce ISO adopting Open XML for fast track process on his blog if he did not post any…. Guess what? He just did […]

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