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March 14, 2007

YouTube got sued!

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Well, we all know the day will come when YouTube got sued for copyright infringement because its users upload copyrighted material immediately. We expect the process to be accelerated when Google bought YouTube because it raised YouTube’s profile and make it a juicier target.

So, it happened.

The part I am interested in is YouTube’s reply, not the accusation Viacom hurls at it. It is reminiscent of Napster. The difference is video vs music, and more damning for YouTube is the fact that it is storing the illegal material where Napster simply point you to where the music is available.

One significant Viacom claim is that YouTube put unreasonable burden on copyright holders to police their copyrights. The significance is that there is overlap on Google’s effort to scan books from library, especially the part on requiring copyrights holders to opt-out individual book. I am not a lawyer, and I belive the “opt-out” for Google Library project is only significant if Google’s use of books still in copyright for the purpose of search is illegal, which I don’t think it is.

Google’s spokeperson was disingenuous when commenting to the BBC. She basically says that copyrights holder should see  YouTube is a fantastic opportunity to advertise and publicize their works. The thing is, it is their rights, under copyrights law, to choose obscurity over using YouTube to advertise/publicize their works.


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