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March 27, 2007

Mr Carroll, why not advise Microsoft to get out of the EC?

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John Carroll, a Microsoft employee, clearly love Microsoft. Nothing wrong with that and it is good to see an employee love his company.

Therefore, it is not very surprising that he did not like EC’s on going anti-trust litigation against Microsoft. The truth is, he is not the only one. However, he is on my target list because he has a blog on ZDNet and is rather vocal about it.

Sometimes, like after reading this post of his, it is really tempting to tell him to advise Microsoft to get out of the EC completely. Why not? According to him, EC is simply not seeing the “whole picture” and its judgment are simply wrong. If so, who can work in such an environment? As such, why not just leave the EC-controlled area? After all, no need to create Windows without MediaPlayer edition which nobody wants, and of course all those pesky licensing deal EC is “improperly” trying to extract from Microsoft will just vanish into thin air. Hey, may be this will cause EC to alienate so many of its constituency that in a few years time, it is either gone or be shown  the error of its way by voters.

Truth is, if any company wants to do business in any part of this world, it has to abide by the appropriate authority. The authority may be pig-headed, unreasonable and assert too much influence, but in order to do business in that jurisdiction, you just have to glean and bear it. It’s nothing new. Everyone is doing it. In a lot of cases, for example bribery cases, we even see business colluding with the authorities to the detriment of the constituency.

I, however, is not incline to dismiss all Carroll’s opinion. From time to time, he does come out with argument that send me on an intellectual debate. Unfortunately, virtually all of his complains about EC just simply missed the mark.


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