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March 27, 2007

Surge of interest int SC34 ISO

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SC34 ISO is the working party in ISO in charge of approving EOXML passage through ISO. This is the first meeting held since the rather negative response to EOXML in January. It appears that the normally dull meeting is experiencing a revival as there is a surge of P countries sending representatives to the meeting. Alex Brown, who attended the meeting note that quite a large number of new arrivals are Microsoft employees.

One thing that really fascinate me is the secretary find it proper to inform the attendees that EOXML is not on the agenda. Guess (s)he noticed it as well.

Well, there is nothing wrong with Microsoft giving its employees time off to attend meeting on behalf of national bodies or even funding them to attend these meetings. Other companies do this as well. But the sudden surge in numbers are interesting. I can guess that the politics Microsoft is playing has something to do with EOXML passage through ISO. However, this is just my guess. I don’t know, and frankly don’t care, what politics Microsoft is playing here. I find it important, however, to remind Microsoft funded attendee that they are there to represent the interest of their countries, not Microsoft. Sure, there will be some cross-pollination such as building rapport with important members of the committee, but to go all out trumpeting Microsoft’s interest, particularly EOXML, will be a serious and blatant abuse of their position of responsibility.

I don’t know why so many Microsoft employees attended. At HQ level, I am sure the Standard division would had noted that this meeting has nothing to do with EOXML. It seems likely that the country divisions are oblivious to it. It is likely that they send the wrong “type” of employees, i.e., those clueless about the business of SC34. If it ever comes to any vote, all attendees would have to vote according to the position of their countries, not Microsoft. If they don’t, not only will individual countries sanction Microsoft, ISO probably will sanction Microsoft as well and this is not going to advance Microsoft’s causes.

If I were Microsoft, I send a few persons close to EOXML such as Brian Jones as they will have more impact and authority over issues surrounding EOXML.


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  1. […] seeing MS Gold Partners going to these meetings as country representative. As I said a while back, this is fine provided these representatives understands and carry out their duties as country reps, not Microsoft […]

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