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March 30, 2007

Well Done DOJ

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BBC is reporting that Dell might sell Linux computer preinstalled. This reminded me of the DOJ’s anitrust case against Microsoft, i.e., the first one.

One of the outcome of that case is that Microsoft can no longer threaten big PC vendors for shipping other operating systems. Before this, even the mentioned of possibly shipping other OS can incur retaliation from Microsoft.

It is really a bit strange, but on the server market, where alternative OS is available and is a viable business, Dell had decided to sell servers with no operating system but throw a copy of FreeDOS floppy disk inside it. I can see the logic since servers are managed by IT pros and if they had decided not to use Windows, they probably are quite choosy on the exact configuration of the alternatives available.

However, the long trumpet of Linux on Desktop never materialized. This lend some support to the argument that Linux on Desktop probably does not make the business case. Then come the news that Dell’s new customer website has been deluged with request for Linux desktop. I note that it had become increasingly easier to get a refund on Windows from Dell and other manufacturers lately. Probably an coincidence.

I have doubt that Dell, or indeed any other companies, dare to incur the wrath of Microsoft for even mentioning shipping an alternative Operating System without DOJ’s intervention so WELL DONE DOJ!


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