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April 2, 2007

Novell’s PR believe it can distribute GPL3 software

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Novell’s PR person Mr Bruce Lowry wrote that he believe Novell can still distribute GPL3 software. Specifically, he said “We will continue to distribute Linux. Nothing in this new draft of GPL3 inhibits Novell’s ability to include GPL3 technologies in SUSE Linux Enterprise, openSUSE, and other Novell open source offerings, now and in the future. This is good news for our customers.”

Given that Novell’s PR goofed recently on almost the same subject, I will say this is another PR auto-reflex when the department detects a surge in negative news floating on the internet. I do not think a lawyer actually vetted that statement first. After all, it is a blog, not necessary an official PR position.

It will be, however, strange because the drafter of GPLv3 purposefully inserted a paragraph (section 11 para 4) specifically geared against Novell’s part in the Novell/MS deal. It is not impossible that he gets it wrong, since the word-smith in Novell/MS deal can rewrite it to counter GPLv3 Their word-smith is at least as smart as FSF’s. If this happens, FSF will have egg on their face. Novell’s reputation in open source community will sink to an even lower level…. but at least, this generate works for the PR folks.

Lowry further claim that “This [GPLv3] is a draft for public comment. Novell is not going to offer a public interpretation on specific provisions of the draft at this time. “. Hmm… I think he just did.


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