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May 22, 2007

Thank you Microsoft for championing my cause

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Thank you Microsoft for funding a study to champion joe open source developers’ cause on GPLv3. Free Software Foundation had ignore our views. The website FSF created for us to comment on GPL v3 is a farce because every comment that we, joe developers bother to submit simply goes to /dev/null.

Never mind Bob Sutor find it only of entertainment value, or the fact that Mary Jo Foley thinks that it is part of the campaign to tear down the bridge that Microsoft had been cultivating for the past few years.

The fact that 34 open source developers had responded is indeed a big response, considering that those developers who chosen not to response are extremely bias zealots who smell rats in whatever Microsoft did, even for this study which Microsoft is the benevolent benefactor. People simply forgotten that you had chosen to send letters to ‘program managers’ and ‘regular contributors’ to big open source projects. Developers who uses open source daily but only contribute occasionally if any at all, like me, simply doesn’t matter. 34 persons may seems a very small sample, but is indeed representative of what open source developers think, i.e., GPL v3 sucks.

A very big thank you to you Microsoft, a.k.a. fox in the hen house.


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