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May 29, 2007

Is it fair to blame the ministry?

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First, we have the news that New Zealand’s Ministry of Education dropping licenses for Mac Office. Then, on the same article, almost on cue, complains from the educational community affected by this move. Begin a user of NeoOffice myself, I do not really buy the complain of the headmaster saying that “NeoOffice was littered with problems”. Moreover, I cannot see the relevant of “[NeoOffice’s] website warned that users could expect lots of bugs” with respect to the education of our youngs, unless of course they are expected to download NeoOffice and install it themselves. 😉

What is interesting is the recriminations being floated around in the article. The ministry says it cannot “justify the extra $2.7 million being given to Microsoft for software that would not be used” as Microsoft insists on a site license covering all Macs while only half the machines uses Mac Office. Sounds reasonable? Hold on first. Critics claims that the real reason is the the ministry cock-up its budget for IT and they are suffering the consequences.

Hmm, who do you think have the stronger argument? Does the kids’ educations suffers significant setback? Perhaps most importantly, did kids just become political capital for all three sides?


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