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June 8, 2007

ACT acting on behalf of Microsoft

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I was listening to a YouTube video about California killing ODF bills. I am not a strong supporters of these bills because they did it wrongly, mandating a particular format, be it XML or ODF, is rather short term. The better way is to set up a strong conditions on what it is in the interest of long term archiving or interoperability.

When Microsoft people speaks, we do know what is going to be coming out from  their mouth. Ditto if IBM people speaks. What is surprising is the first act, i.e., the speech made by the ACT person. He is parroting Microsoft line. The people he says he is representing, i.e., the small and medium size software company, only got his attention after he delivers Microsoft statements. I find it disgusting to see him sidelining his constituency for a big company.

Moreover, when he mention the Microsoft line that IBM and SUN turn this into a market grabbing exercise, he squandered the opportunity to champion his constituency by telling the panel how this negatively impact them. He failed miserably to mention why his constituency will suffer if the bill is passed.

I surprise myself by finding Microsoft’s presentation easier to stomach than his.


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