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July 2, 2007

Novell’s PR response to GPL v3

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Well, everyone is looking forward to Novell’s PR response. You can find it here.

The most important thing now is not what Novell says but what Novell do. We are all assured that FSF will be watching them like a hawk circling a prey.

As I said in a previous post, PR is not there to wash dirty linen in public (and some PR, not Novell’s, will even try to bleach dirty linen) so there is no surprise that it does not mention how GPLv3 will alter their business practices negatively. Not even a word on how it will affect MS-Novell agreement is not as expected. Nobody in their right mind will think GPLv3 alone will torpedo that agreement, mostly because it is a wide ranging agreement which FSF have mostly no problem with, but we do expect some rejiging and repositioning by Novell and Microsoft, at least when nobody else is watching.

To reinforce the fact that PR is not there to wash dirty linen, don’t you find it funny that Novell did not mention that Richard Martin Stallman himself is quoted GPLv3 will not stop Novell from distributing GPL v3 software? Surely that is the best quote to this effect? Is it because it sails too closely to the unflattering things Stallman says about the part he do not like about the MS-Novell agreement?


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