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July 2, 2007

SCO is not that bad …

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OK, before anyone flame me for this, I need to clarify.

I stretched SCO’s history to include old SCO to make this claim, after getting in touch with this article about old SCO’s struggle with Microsoft a long time ago by way of PJ’s Groklaw article.

The article was about an old deal AT&T strike with Microsoft a long time ago. I have no doubt that when the time the deal was struck, both parties have the best intention in mind. The mistake was on the part of AT&T and old SCO, having purchased AT&T Unix assets through Novell, inherited the problem. That mistake was to agree perpetually to include practically defunct Microsoft code in UNIX, and pay Microsoft for the inclusion.

To cut a long story short, SCO noticed this, asked Microsoft to waived this perpetual inclusion clause. Microsoft said no which it is entitled to. However, it is clear that the deal was unfair, the European Union defang  it and both party comes to an agreement which is has Microsoft waiving the clause as its ultimate effect. So, SCO did indeed score some brownie points for UNIX, if only it was old SCO.

The article I referred to was not very flattery about Microsoft’s response in general and its response after EU’s decision in particular. While it is fully entitled to, Microsoft was morally wrong to attempt to disadvantage competitors using an old agreement which has outlived its usefulness, it will be wrong to accuse Microsoft of not highlighting the fact that it loses the EU complain. After all, who wants to wash dirty linen in public? And the main purpose of the PR department is to stop this from happening.

The final moral in the story? Once again the EU came to the rescue!


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