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July 2, 2007

Viva GPL v3

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Finally, its here. I remember a BBC documentary calling the Eurofighter project something along the line of “a project of massive construction” and it involves only a few partners in the consortium. By comparison, GPL v3 drafting process is much larger and arguably have more impact.

Congratulations to Free Software Foundation and many thanks to all that take the time to submit their comments. As the proof of the pudding is in the eating, let’s start the process of exploring GPL v3’s implication by using it and let competitors test it.

I’m sure everyone’s have one eye on GPL v3’s implication for MS-Novell agreement. I’m sure somewhere someone had acquired a SuSE coupon from Microsoft or its distribution partner Dell, and is eager to cash in the coupon and document the process, as soon as Novell touches GPL v3. This person would not be affiliated with FSF as FSF know that this is unnecessary as it is much better to subpoena Novell and get them to, through legally convoluted way, admit to distributing GPL v3. Besides, this look petty.

GPL v3 is not going to please everyone. Microsoft is definitely not going to be pleased, so is Tivo. To some extent Novell will not be and some other (reasonable) people here and there is not going to be pleased. What it can hope is not to annoy too many people sufficiently for them to dump it.


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