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July 18, 2007

So Microsoft is smart, everyone else dumb, or is it?

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What essentially Rick Jelliffe wants to say is Microsoft is smart, all the rest of the tech world is stupid when he commented on why ISO 8601 is not appropriate for Office applications. That could not be or can it? Lets see:

  • “[O]ther nations and bodies have continued to use many of the other ex-standard formats, because it is convenient to have time written according to local conventions” and “The third rub with IS 8601 is that it is based on the Gregorian calendar”. I am Chinese, so I know what he is talking about. With the majority of the calendars I have some knowledge of, i.e., traditional Chinese system used before the existing western system of Gregorian Calendar was invented, Islamic calendar, Japanese calendar, Taiwan’s Calendar, it can be mapped to Gregorian Calendar. One important point is Gregorian Calendar’s range is not limited to 1900 onwards, and this certainly helps.
  • “The second rub with IS 8601 is that it defines multiple formats.” That’s true. It makes it more difficult to write applications that compute dates. However, they had been done. The solution is not to reinvent a calendar system, but to make the conversion program accessible.
  • [On the fact that some dates around 1900 are treated differently] “…it is hardly the wholesale subversion of the Gregorian calendar that you might suspect from various comments on the Web”. This is based on the argument that Mac had long not been able to go before 1904 and Windows 1900. All I will repeat is that it squandered a chance to correct it.

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