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July 20, 2007

Good strategic move…. (Updated 20070723)

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A small town crook like me trying to speculate on why Microsoft and Co decided to vote the way it did is always futile. I knew it before I started. But it was an interesting exercise nonetheless.

Not surprisingly, Microsoft was first to announce that INCITS Executive Board decided to put out a ballot on “Approval, with comments”. This is the continuation of the saga of V1 committee. If you believe the conspiracy theory, which I do, you must give your hat up to the victor, Microsoft. They achieved their objective of “Approval, with comments”.

Its a good move and finally explained why “Abstention, with comments” was not accepted by the OOXML bloc. Why settle for second best when you can create the climate for “Approval, with comments” (and get it)? Plan A was definitely for V1 committee to recommend “Approval, with comments” to INCITS, but is not likely to work. Plan B is to create the climate for “Approval, with comments” to be adopted by INCITS. To achieve this, make sure V1 cannot form a consensus as indicated by a 2/3 majority. Coz if it does, INCITS will adopt V1’s concensus and iNCITS will have a lot of explaining to do if it don’t. However, if there is no consensus, INCITS will have to make its own decision. Besides all the lobbying effort that can be done, one important factor is that INCITS will, in principle, follow the majority vote. Otherwise it will have a lot of explaining to do.

So, sadly for me, although in principle, 2/3 majority voting works at V1 level to prevent vote-stuffing. In practice, vote-stuffing works.

Although it is not yet check-mate, it is extremely close to it. Good move Microsoft! (and I do not meant it sarcastically).

[Update 20070723

Andy Updegrove gave some insights into the INCITS meeting. He characterised MS motion for a vote to send out “Yes, with comments” as unexpected needs some more clarification. Given that V1 failed to reach a consensus, one would expects INCITS to decide on the wording of th ballot paper they have to send out. I am going to take it as true that such a motion is not on the agenda beforehand and that there is nothing on the agenda about the recent v1 decision, but it should not come as a complete surprise. It is possible that a motion for vote to send out “No, with comments” was on the cards of one or more of  the attendees and they were simply a bit too slow in putting the motion in. Equally possible is that the decision to send out ballot paper is going to be on the agenda for the next meeting. We just don’t know.]



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  1. The text of the “Approval with Comments” was been agreed upon at the INCITS Executive Board, and has already been distributed. It is simply that: “Approve with Comments,” with the list of 498 comments noted. Under the rules, there is no need for any ballot wording as such.

    – Andy

    Comment by Andy Updegrove — July 23, 2007 @ 12:58 pm | Reply

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