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August 9, 2007

Petition for iWork to support ODF

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Well, we should try. I signed it. The petition is at

ODF support will help me greatly. First, the university I work with is standardizing on ODF. Second, I do not have MacOffice and use NeoOffice/ for Mac. Thirdly, the main bulk of my day to day computer need is done on Linux, where there is no LinuxOffice available.

As I said in a previous blog. Microsoft Office Format support in iWorks seems to be geared towards getting MacOffice user to switch to Apple’s own offering (and then lock them into iWorks). From a price viewpoint, iWork is a compelling alternative to MacOffice for most users. It is adequate for most users and is more user-friendly. It is yet not an alternative for people who need strong formatting options for documents and those who use spreadsheet heavily for computation. My gut instinct tells me that that Numbers is for those seriously using spreadsheet to do dead-serious computing. Compared to Numbers, Page is more mature but probably still lack some advance features some complex documents need.

How long can Apple maintains the simplicity of its user-interface? I do not know. iLife, iTunes, iWorks are adding more and more buttons from versions to versions. iPhoto 08’s features are nice, but its interface cannot be said to be simple anymore.


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