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August 29, 2007

Caught with hand in the cookie jar (Updated)

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Oh deary me. Vote stacking is “fine”, just don’t get find out. MS Sweden got caught with its hand in the cookie jar. Bad move.

Writing memo telling partners what it can do to support OOXML is one thing (I am not going to speculate on the “expected” aspect implied by PJ, though I think it is a fair characterization given the incentive), paying for their participation by “cost-offsetting” through “marketing incentive” makes one look bad. Even worse is to be caught telling partners who does not feel it should participate because of lack of knowledge to participate, thus proving vote-stacking.

To me, the worst case is the training on how to behave “properly”, i.e., attend some meetings after the vote. I do not know whether to laugh or to cry.

I think the Swedish Standard Body should make a statement on whether this is permitted behaviour.

Update: 20070830 : MS damage limitation exercise by Jason Matusow here. As I said, just don’t get caught red-handed. Interesting that Matusow did not say whether the two partners actually participated. This is only pure speculation on my part, but how did the employee get the idea of offsetting the cost of participation via “marketing incentive”? Would be interesting to see whether the Swedish Standard Body back up his story, but I think they will not say a word as per usual.

If you read Swedish, more information here. According to Groklaw’s translation, IBM left in protest. I wanted to write this down yesterday in my blog but want to wait for confirmation that IBM left in protest, not because the representative have to meet his CEO or his wife/she is having a baby.


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