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August 30, 2007

Now this is a surprise

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Surprise of the day for me at least, Rick Jelliffe actually wants a “No with comments” vote for OOXML.

He did that because there are issues he wants addressed. Unfortunately, under ISO rules, that is the only choice available. It is a catch all phrase covering everything from “Conditional Approval” (Jelliffe’s reason) to “Not for fast track but back to drawing board” (my choice) and “No completely”.

Finally, PJ is wrong when she says Jelliffe cannot reconcile his stands. Jelliffe and I disagree on whether the things are fixable via the current ISO process or ECMA’s next iteration, but our choice of vote is the same because of ISO rules on voting.

To me, as far as XML goes, the syntax itself is fixable. What make it not fixable is ECMA charter for TC45 implicitly said any fix will be Microsoft choice and Microsoft’s alone and I think this will only happen if there is really extremely large pressure on Microsoft. Moreover, to fix it to my satisfaction will mean the final product does not resemble the current one, meaning it would not be worthwhile.


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