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August 31, 2007

Thanks for looking further than the immediate future, Updegrove

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Updegrove has an interesting insights into how Microsoft may be trying to influence events in OOXML’s ISO process, post Sept 2. While everyone is concentrating on Sept 2’s vote, it is great and good that someone did some forward thinking and spotted what looks like an attempt to seed favourable vote in the Ballot Resolution Stage. Otherwise, the opposition would had been successful in pulling wool over our eyes.

The upside: we have 5 months to observe how these new “P” countries behave.Assuming there will be regular/semi-regular meetings in this stage, we should be able to see how things evolve and the way these new countries behave. I have no doubt that Updegrove and Weir will keep us up to date. That itself will provide enough scrutiny that will make any biased representative uneasy. This, coupled with local activities will hopefully be enough to urge P countries to carry out their duty properly. This is good. It will also give us a chance to see how ISO’s oversight process works. This time, ISO will be given the time and chance to oversee the process. After all, it is not easy to keep up appearances for 5 months compared to a one-off vote so we will see the true colours of all P countries.

I don’t think MS will be stupid enough to do what it did a while back, i.e., giving its employees leave to represent their countries. That is something MS countries brigade did but HQ will not approve. It was lack of “coordination” that make this too obvious. What I think will happen is we start seeing MS Gold Partners going to these meetings as country representative. As I said a while back, this is fine provided these representatives understands and carry out their duties as country reps, not Microsoft reps.


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