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September 4, 2007

Was Sept 2nd ISO ballot a big deal?

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Well, I thought so, a lot of pro-ODF people thought so, but apparent Microsoft and its employee don’t think so. Brian Jones had just replied to my altered ego that he thinks that the event is not a big deal as pro-ODF people puts it. After all, it is the hardwork after it that counts, at least for people (including him) who have to deal with the comments.

In some sense, he is right. The hard work of reading through and dealing with the comments had just began for him. He has my best wishes.

However, I still think he dismissed Sept 2nd too lightly. And there was certainly a built up to the event: From his post on 31st August, I got the impression that he was looking forward to Sept 2nd vote, so his post on Sept 4th was a surprise: It acknowledged that ISO had voted, but it was only a sub-story, not the main one. On hindsight, one can say there is a lack of enthusiasm for Sept 2nd votes deadline in his August 31st post. That can also been seen as the start of Microsoft spinning of the event, i.e., the deliberate focus on overall votes rather that “P” and “O” votes under the applicable ISO rules for this round. But this is merely speculations on my part.


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  1. To my understanding, even if the result of the vote of the Sept the 2n would not be “a big deal” the preceeding process certainly has been “a big deal”. It seems that the process all the way from NBs to ISO is very wounerale and subjec to all kind of misuse. One could say that there is no standard in ISO for standards making process. So as the whole (colorful)picture will be revealed and analysed in each NBs and ISO, the result of the process will be “a big deal”.

    To my understanding there are numerous sore toes and hurt egos. Anyway the ISO, who is giving the reputation of the ISO to back up the end result, must be able to have responsibility for the whole process of issuing the ISO standards.

    Comment by Markku Oraviita — September 5, 2007 @ 9:47 am | Reply

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