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September 13, 2007

MS-Novell’s agreement means unlikely to see MS collaboration with RedHat on VM

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Nothing cynical here, Standard, above the board, business practice if you ask me. MS and Novell is collaborating over Virtual Machine technology. Let us see what this actually translate to in reality. A lot of cynics says it is about getting Linux running on Microsoft Virtual Machine only, but lets just wait-and-see.

It is not surprising that since Sun and Microsoft announce a deal on Virtual Machine, attention automatically focused on RedHat. My view is there is kind of an implicit understanding between MS and Novell that MS will not be actively pursuing such a deal with RedHat. After all, RedHat is the competitor of both companies.  Novell is pinning its hope that the “interoperability” offer will snatch it RedHat clients. As for Microsoft, it is in its interest to help Novell succeed, as Novell is obviously more receptive to the current terms and agreement. It is win-win situation.

To me, this is obviously a strategy to corner RedHat.

It is mixed blessing for RedHat. On the principle that “Some will bash you if you are the market leader and others will noticed that you are bashed”, it confirms RedHat’s position as market leader. On the other hand the news vibes alone is not something any company wants to hear. In practice, this VM thingy MS and Novell is working on might add up to nothing from a business and/or technical perspective. Moreover, depends on how it goes, RedHat might actually benefit from Novell’s improvement to SUSE.


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